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Darlo's Folders release 1.2.1

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--- Quote from: Cdick on May 04, 2011, 02:36:36 PM ---Thanks for quick reply

One more question, is it only for WD 4.3.1
I'm still on WD4.1

--- End quote ---

No. The version of Folders has nothing to do with the version of Whited00r. Folders v1.2.1 will work on any version of iOS. (Except below 3.x)

But yes, I agree with Alavi. I would urge you as well to upgrade. The speed difference between WD v4.1 and v4.3.1 is amazing.

if I install this version on  WD4.3.1, no conflicts with their default folders?


--- Quote from: omarvtec on May 05, 2011, 02:28:33 AM ---if I install this version on  WD4.3.1, no conflicts with their default folders?

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No. The only thing is... it will kick all of your apps OUT of your folders. You will have to put them ALL back in.. Sorry

The new way Folders deals with the filesystem overwrites the previous folders. It does not merge like Folders v1.0.4-2 and below.

You can download it from my repo:  ;)


--- Quote from: Bambalazs on May 06, 2011, 02:51:27 PM ---You can download it from my repo:  ;)

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Thanks. Clearly isn't as difficult to put up on a Repo as I've been told. ;)

Anyway, now I've used many others have? It's got a few quirks... ???

And yes, I ran the Reconfigure Directories thing in the Folders Help app that's installed.

OK, I'm running it on 3.1.2, but there is so little difference between that and 3.1.3, I hoped that wouldn't be an issue.

I tried renaming a folder... but what button do you press when you've done entering the text?

The Return button maybe? No, that's greyed out. I randomly pressed somewhere else on the screen to see if it will accept what I've typed.

That sort of that it crashed the phone. :(

I rebooted and tried to rename it again. do you do that?

After about 20 seconds randomly alternating between stabbing and holding the folder icon - after holding the icon to get them to jiggle as usual - the Rename Folder option popped up. But.... then it went away immediately, as the iphone buffered several of my key presses and decided one of them was 'close rename folders'.

Eventually I got it to open and I got to rename it. But again: Greyed out Return button. Randomly stabbing at some other area of the screen crashed the phone again, but this time the name stuck.

I guess developing apps for a 2g, but using a 3g iphone isn't that easy.

So... I'll be uninstalling it, as I don't really want it doing what 1.0.4-2 did when it spazzed out and required a restore.  ::)

I hope it will unConfigure my Directories when it's uninstalled...


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