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[Unofficial] v4.4 iOS3 based BETA - 3G only

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Whited00r v4.4 BETA iOS3 based has been released for the 3G only!
Until matt gets a changelog out, this will be for v4.4 discussion

Matt's post:

Short guide for beta tester
- donít use this firmware if you are a n00b (wait for detailed informations)
- fresh restore (no backup!)
- install as usually
- the iPhone could auto REBOOT twice after installation
- open MobileTerminal and digit:
su [ENTER]
alpine [ENTER]
./Configurator [ENTER]
follow this script carefully! Your device will get configured and optimized!

There will no Lite edition. Two scripts are included to swap from Lite and Full ďON THE GOĒ!
./LiteON and ./FullON

Whited00r 4.4 iOS3 Based

iPhone 3G Normal: http://www.multiupload.com/XWIKJULLJG
iPhone 3G Unlocked: http://www.multiupload.com/AYHYV51DQ0

Please report if there are general problem of usage.
Changelog and additional info will come later.

Donít ask for ETA of final, donít ask for ETA for other device release

Link 2 Post:

Matt's Announcement

This firmware has a patched commcenter to skip carrier bundles signature, so we can freely edit their default APNs.
I know that lots of Official Apple Carriers (like VodafoneIT) force the usage of a different APN for Tethering from the one you normally use for navigation from iPhone and apply additional cost.
Now WE ARE FREE! For example I already set VodafoneIT bundle Tethering APN to iphone.vodafone.it, the same you normally use to navigate from iPhone! So free Tethering with your normal Data Plan!!
If your Carrier forces you a different APN for Tethering, let me know! Iíll change it directly in firmware building!

Here is the beta of the new whited00r firmware for iPhone 3G.
This could be ďfinalĒ if everything is ok.

New firmware includes lots of new features, that Iíll explain as soon as possibile.
You will find MobileTerminal installed by default and /var/mobile includes lots of SCRIPTS
Iíll write about them in the blog as soon as firmwares for all devices (iPhone 2G, iPod Touch 1G and iPhone 2G) will be published.
You can start to try them by yourself if you wantÖ but Iím interested just in general testing of firmware.

Great work!  :) :) :)


--- Quote from: PHILLIP on May 23, 2011, 12:21:28 AM ---Great work!  :) :) :)

--- End quote ---
I'm assuming you mean to matt right?

Is it worth it?? I am running the beta right now, which is everything I want except  it doesn't record video. Whats the 4.4 have thats new??


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