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[Unofficial] v4.4 iOS3 based BETA - 3G only

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--- Quote from: Soltmeal on May 23, 2011, 02:57:12 AM ---Is it worth it?? I am running the beta right now, which is everything I want except  it doesn't record video. Whats the 4.4 have thats new??

--- End quote ---

I would just say wait for stable full release. ;)

I have installed the 4.4 Beta and I don't like it. :P Is there a link to the iPhone 3G iOS 4 Based Beta?? I really loved the beta for the iOS 4 based firmware.

should have the ./Configurator run unlimited time. works well but its used initally, and that wont help the 2xrm tweak and the lang pack tweak.
it just skips right over them.

I was not able to installed this beta 2  :( not sure what happen but it never extracted the software and after a while I got an error and the only way to get phone back was to restore from itunes, yaiks!!! I forgot how slow original 4.2 was on this phone. I need to install WD again as I need SBSettings to lock phone as power button is not working after I dropped the phone a week or so ago. Now I thought it was strange that the phone got restored being SIM unlock? this phone is carrier lock and I donīt know why but it got activated in itunes and my SIM was detected with no problem. (I'm using a SIM from a carrier who also sells iphone, so I'm not sure the phone is SIM unlock now... ???)

will try tomorrow maybe redowloading the software or going back to WD 4.3 and then to WD 4.4, any ideas for me?


Hey,4.4 released for iphone 2g??

ok,i tried it,and its quiet good,i liked the configurator script.
Configurator script,should have got the ability to delete keyboards too.[i use syscleanpro]


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