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Motionless did a great job by reducing the png's. He also mentioned to reduce them even more, by doing something with the color. He must be busy or something so the still are the old/new ones he uploaded first, anyway i was wondering if someone could try to help me to realize Motionless idea. I 'am not really in to photoshop so if someone could do it, would be cool.

Sorry for my bad english and thank ya!

Sorry, I got a lot of job for school, I'll try to make it this week end :)

No results?

I'll try to do it this weekend as I have a three day weekend, but I won't promise anything. Anyway that'll be the first I'll do when I have my computer in front of me :)

Hey wow! Looking forward on this ! I thought for a second u gave up  8) thank u man! U can make it i am sure!


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