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Galaxy s 2 OR iphone 4

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which 1 should i buy.....seems like galaxy s2 is better than iphone 4  coz of  bigger screen , more RAM ,dual core live wallpapers....

Well..... As much as I LOVE the iPhone 4 I have to say the Galaxy S II IS AMAZING...

1GB of RAM

1.2 Ghz Dual-Core Processor (You can get a stable 1.5Ghz over clock)

Plus a butt ton of other COOL stuff. Plus TouchWiz is sooo much like iOS you won't miss a thing! LOL But still get an iPhone 4

Wait for the iPhone 5, it'll have dual-core too ;)

Well that's what I'm doing...

i saw some youtube videos....and it feels like the touch of galaxy s2 is not as good as iphone 4...i think i should get it on hands first....

No personally I would still get an iPhone 4. Just saying the Galaxy S II Would probably be your next best bet. (Besides the 3GS) LOL.

Yeah, I'm waiting for the 5 too... Since I don't have an upgrade till December. >.<

Now there are rumors that it'll be coming in 2012 (It better not).

The most substantial rumors say it'll come in September (with the back to school stuff).

SO.... yeah. Hoping it'll come then! Plus with iOS 5.x being such a big thing and it probably not gonna be able to run on the 3GS that means its hardware isn't gonna be good enough. Which also means the iPhone 4 won't be able to run it as smoothly as iOS 4.x which ALSO means that the hardware on the iPhone 5 will be bumpbed up (Besides the DUAL-Core A5 system-on-a-chip).

Hopfully at LEAST 1 GB of RAM.

Ohhh and it looks like Intel will start making mobile processors for Apple Products!


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