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As most of you know darlo has decided to stop developing for whited00r. This means we currently don't have an official developer for our firmware to do things like port notification center or mod the messaging app. We have had a couple of people come on pretending that they are master objective c coders and are in the process of porting twitter or notification center, post fake changelogs, and at the end of the fake project leave and never return. Well this has attracted widespread hatred and scorn making our jobs as moderators alot harder. So if you wanna develop some iOS5 apps for whited00r here how to not get banned.

1. Outline what you are doing and how. This will discourage doubt and prevent haters from cussing you out and calling you a fake.

2. Post vids not screenshots. Anyone can Photoshop, we have tuts right here on the forum!  In your vid outline what you are doing, where you are in your project, where you plan to go, and proove your on 3.1.3 running whited00r

Mods admins feel free to change this post

We will not allow anymore fakes
Thank you


Also, please say if you are going to be busy, so that people don't think that you left!

Well… I have no knowledge of Objective-C (but I am getting books from the library)…
Here is my attempt at a Reminders app… Made in Xcode… you can't do much with it… the checkboxes don't stay, you can't add stuff… basically, there is no code… just interface…
I don't know where to post images… and I don't wanna post videos :/ I dunno how to record the iOS simulator… anyway… here it is… Don't expect much…

It's a .app… I dunno how to pack .ipa's or .deb's

Please post/PM me any crash reports, etc


PS… If I haven't logged for a while (like in a week) it's probably because I am busy… I have several forums that I am active on… (do the mods/admins have the ability to send email to users? if so… you can notify me that way…

I do not understand programming, but some things in the graphic design I can do.


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soltmeal? What is that?


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