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VM Mods


I heard vm mods can automatically free your ram every 60 seconds or something and boost your overall ram memory. But I also heard they are really bad for your iPod. Would anyone recommend one? Also can someone direct me to a link where I can download one

Don't do it. It uses your flash memory and writes all processes on it a brand new phone can completely be deceased in a year or two

Oh and here are my idevice's stats.

iPod touch 1g: usually 40-50
iPod touch 4g: 98-120
iPhone 4: 80-100

Are there any that are more safe to use??? Or should I just stay away from them???

Stay away from them!   They give you more ram, for backgrounding apps, but not for visual speed/smoothness.   It makes it choppy, and lags randomly for up to a minuet.
It also wrecks you device over time.
Trust me, it's not worth it.  I've done all of them.  The best one was the plist by stinky1.


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