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Whited00r FAQ
« on: July 18, 2011, 06:45:54 PM »
Whited00r Forum FAQ
Mods/Admins feel free to edit this

This is the official WD FAQ section. Please consult the following questions and guidelines before posting.

*What do I do for 16xx errors??
Read this thread created by the Admin Gawernator

*How do I enable MMS on my iPhone 2g??
Read this thread created by the Admin Gawernator

*The WD forum homepage is confusing....
Can some one help me understand it??
Read this thread created by the Moderator JustinCase

*This wintersled thing is pretty cool, but it permanently themed some of my icons... HELP!???
Read this thread created by the Moderator JustinCase

*Wow! I've been here like two months!! I deserve a promotion to senior member!!
Ummm no you don't. Seniors have been here for about a year or longer and are
recommended by people higher up. Do not harass or spam other seniors or mods as
this will only lessen your chances.

*Ok, I've made it to senior member! How can I get Mod privileges??
Well I hate to break it to you but our forum is well policed and we arn't looking to add any more moderators right now.

*D: IOS 4 APPS CRASH!!!  Whited00r is iOS 4 right?
No, whited00r is 3.1.3 based, that means that we do not have the compatibly with iOS 4 apps.  We offer the look and feel/features of iOS4, not actual iOS 4.

*I need assistance right now. Who do I contact?
Soltmeal is online most of the day email him or message him if you have an account Feature Dev Soltmeal

*Folders are awesome!  Can we change them or enhance them (e.g, folderenhancer, infinifolders)?
Nope, sorry, no enhancements/tweaks to folders.  These are not official apple folders, they were coded by Darlo770, and he left.  We do not have the source code, so we cannot modify them
Please read this before posting. Any posts created that are covered here
will be promptly answered with "please consult the FAQ" and locked
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