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Credits to: bcooperizcool for the great support and overall help
                  blued00r for proving the plist-reading executables(you know what I mean^^)
UPDATE 03.11.2011:
What this App CAN do:
     -Backing up:
               -Personal Data
                     -backup Contatcs
                     -backup SMS
                     -backup Camera Roll
                     -backup Mail-, Wifi-Settings
                     -backup Safari Bookmarks/History
                     -backup Calendar
                     -backup Notes
                     -backup Alarm Bells
                     -backup Call History
                     -backup Recordings
          -backup Preferences
                     -backup iPod-Settings
                     -backup SMS-Settings
                     -backup Global-Settings
                     -backup which LaunchDaemons are active
                     -backup Weather
          -backup Cydia sources and Cydia apps and app data
                     -backup which dylibs were disbaled
                     -supports up to now only SBSettings-Settings and Themes, iFile, SAM and MxTube
          -backup Itunes Settings
          -backup Appstore App Saves
          -backup Icon Layout of SpringBoard

Backups are saved in /var/mobile/Backup/
Place your tar.gz there in order to restore

Features in development:
     -support for more Cydia apps
     -Dropbox support
     -Push Certs
     -download Backups
     -having multiple Backups

Add this repo in Cydia:

I hope the update comes to the Whited00r repo^^

Both iOS3 and iOS4 compatible!


-doesn't need sudo anymore
-links Icons instead of copying
-creates Backup directory
-applies 'sort apps' and 'show icons' on Runtime

New Video soon to come

Thats awesome man! Lookin' forward to it.

Looks cool!   Some issues I would like to point out without even looking at the code/testing, is that the contacts need special persmissions on restore, and that when backing up the springboard layout, that will not save your folders (which in itself will cause problems, as they will be hidden, but not in folders), and the springboard layout must have exactly the same apps installed, so do that first before restoring, rather than doing that first, otherwise you will be buggered.

Aside from that, brilliant work!   

Also, I could help you with a small bit of code, such as automatically getting all appstore app data (quite easy), creating a .deb (very easy), and the GUI.  If you need/would like help that is ;)

I have a project from a while back that was something like this (multiple profiles/accounts on one device) with the ability to backup/restore in .deb format.  (GUI as well), so I could salvage some code if you would like.

Realblack7, I sent you a message :)

i wil try to add the appstore code. thank you very much:) i already looked and the backup files have the same permissions.
i think tomorrow there be most of the things done.
i know how to make the deb but the gui will be hard for me, cause i just learnt it^^


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