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Amateur Developers is a forum board dedicated to new developers or just people with simple ideas that are great.

Here is what we allow:

-Modified Apps (can't be cracked, need to give credit to developer).
-Your own app from scratch ( can't just be User Interface needs at least one function).

What we don't allow:
-Others work (eg, a version of notified pro you claim to be yours).
-Cracked apps.
-Anything that is already included in firmware (Reminders, iMessage, Newsstand - unless there are big differences from the current app version).


Feature Dev/ 5 Star Moderators can break any rules at any time.

-All apps/tweaks/themes need to have a pic from day one.
-Also you need to follow up with a download with in 3 Days.
-No cursing/fowl language on boards.
-All post must be AMDev related.
-Making money off your app links etc.
-Developing useless tweak.
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Re: AMDev Rules and your questions answered.
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2011, 03:36:07 AM »
Also, to minimize on SPAM. Post related modifications into a subject having to do with your modification.

For Example: If you have themed Notified Pro (or another notification client/tweak) with your own theme/images please post them in a Notified Pro related topic.
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