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Emoji working with newest IOS5 from Whited00r for 3G

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at the beginning of IOS5 from Whited00r i installed it on my 3G, all was perfect with this beta....
But emoji from other IOS5 (Original) wasnt working!!!!

Is this Bug now fixed? Can i install the latest Version from Whited00r and all Emojis are running normal?


You go to Japanese and enable emoji

Is this really working?
With the beta of Whited00r 5 that was not really working - only in Whats app!
But in normal SMS i cant send Emojis and if i got a sms from anothe iphone with original IOS5 the emoji was not showed!!!!!

If this works correct with this release i want to install it!

Hope so???

Somebody else has information if it works correctly?

I tested this a few times the last 2 weeks. I have a iPhone 3G with Whited00r 4.4.1 and emoji activated (japanese keyboard).
I tried this with two differnt iPhones 3GS 5.0 (Original) with emojis that are included in iOS5 and a iPhone 4 with 5.0 Original with emojis that are included in iOS5. Everytime these three iPhones sent me a SMS Text with a emoji, these text messages were never dilevered, but their iPhone doesn't show any failures. But everything works perfectly in Whatsapp.... So as far as I can tell: Emojis from iOS5 doesn't work with iPhones based on a 3.x Firmware (because I tested it with a iPhone 3GS 4.3.3 and that one could recieve those messages).

thanks for the answer - this was the same for me :-( !!!!
Thats not good. And the firmware is for my girlfriend ;-) she need emojis ;-)!

Then i have to wait !



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