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I am working on a new upload feature that will let you upload your own debs to a folder to be put into the repo!

I am also adding some new debs and what not so sit tight!

More to come.

Lol, I noticed. I tried uploading one of my .debs earlier and it failed to upload.

Lemme know as soon as its up!

Also, if you are still wanting to pass off the Repo responsibilities to someone, I can do it.

if you need any more help with the repo, ill try my best to help :P.

Yeah, CoolBreeze and I are currently hosting our own repos (outside of myrepospace). Although CoolBreeze is more experienced and knowledgeable than I am.

I have it to sol and he fucked shit up so i took it back lol-- 3store mangled everything

-- Can you send me the debs raging? please  :D


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