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Made a little app that will play a sound when you start up your device.  Simply place any sounds you may want to choose from in /var/mobile/BootSound/Sounds

then open up the app, grant access, and select your sound :)  reboot and enjoy (your sound needs to be up before you reboot...)


You will also need to add in first into your Cydia sources and install the older version of Ch40s-Utilities to use this.  So, if you don't use anything else of mine that requires the latest version of Ch40s-Utilities, go right ahead.


does it drain my battery?

It shouldn't...  It's not a mobile substrate.  It runs using onBoot, a daemon tool thing I made (it's smart, and only on daemon).  It will only run on the start of your device.  But wait for me to fix onBoot (I made a small typo)

Cool! It works nicely. I found this cool site of boot sounds too :)

Yay!  :D. Thanks for telling me it worked :) always nice to hear :)   (seeing it works I guess I did fix ch40s-utilities ;))


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