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--- Quote from: Super_Hussain on June 09, 2012, 03:41:37 AM ---Ok Nevermind... I just got it installed but I didn't put any sounds in it... Now that I did, it doesn't show up on BootSound... Know how to fix it? The file types I put was .wav. Maybe it's not supported?

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When you first opened up the app it should have asked for root access.   Did you allow it?   Depending on what firmware you are on. You need to force close it out of the app switcher.   

It actually never asked me for root access... I will just reinstall and see if it works now...

You installed ch40s-utilities without errors right?

I had Ch40s-Utilities before and with no errors. I still don't get it asking for root... I will delete ch40s-utils and the bootsound package and reinstall it. Hopefully it will work then...

install from my repo to be sure :)


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