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Ok Nevermind... I just got it installed but I didn't put any sounds in it... Now that I did, it doesn't show up on BootSound... Know how to fix it? The file types I put was .wav. Maybe it's not supported?


--- Quote from: Super_Hussain on June 09, 2012, 03:27:41 AM ---Cool! It works nicely. I found this cool site of boot sounds too :)

--- End quote ---
Nice collection, But the names are completely wrong...

Speaking of which...

It doesn't do the sound justice... I should know, I own one, and this is way too tinny.

If you want the entire collection of Apple Startup/Death Chimes, get Mactracker... there is an option to export them to iTunes...

Put the sounds in /var/mobile/bootsound/Sounds

Is this iOS 5 compatible?

It's compatible with every firmware :)


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