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PierreP Moderator note 2013-08-07: This project is closed & obsolete. See this current & updated one instead: FAQ - App Time Machine[/size]


Original post

We're currently working on D00rStore - a new alternative to AppStore for WhiteD00r users.

It's too bad that Apple dropped support for legacy iDevices like iTouch 1G and 2G or first and second iPhone.
Even worst is when Apple forces us to buying new iPods or iPhones by disallowing us downloading apps from AppStore. If Apple won't care… Then who care?

WhiteD00r Staff.[/size][/color]

They spend a lot of time creating custom iOS based on 3.1.3 and 4.2.1.

Now, we (Kosciak and CoolBreeze) are creating better alternative for WhiteD00r and RedD00r users.
It's called D00rStore. It's easy to use app installer with apps which works on specific systems and are tested and hopefully bugfree ;)

I'm going to build first (beta-testers only) version of Store. It will be just a links to apps so people can test it and feedback to us. :)

Also, if you own some exclusive iOS4 apps, mail me ([email protected]) and I will invite you to our iPA folder :)


all people who send me iPAs (that's very handy!) - especially iOSCrackandHack who spend a lot of time describing and testing apps!

Yeah besides iOS 6 is coming soon

Exactly, and I think that after iOS6 (when iOS7 will come) iOS4 will be losed forever. :(

Just like iOS 3 now



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