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[Broken] Redd00r for iPod Touch 2g and iPhone 3g

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--- Quote from: applepie on June 12, 2012, 02:26:51 AM ---
Common Questions and Issues
Q: When installing, I get an error saying I need iOS4.3.2, or I get a dependency error about preference loader?
A: This is because I am hosting a version of mobile substrate that works on the redd00r base firmware and only that firmware (for some reason the version on suarik's repo doesn't work on it). The only way to get cydia to use that version over the one on suarik's repo is to change the version number to be newer than the one on suarik's repo. Unfortunately, for everyone else, they will see the update in cydia and if they don't have mobilesubstrate already, they won't be able to install tweaks.

1. Remove the "" repo.
2. Install mobilesubstrate (from suarik's repo)
3. Re-add my repo.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: After adding the "" repo I get an update for mobilesubstrate, but I can't install it?
A: See above.

--- End quote ---

I removed the repo and looked up mobile substrate and I can't find it


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