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iOS6 iPhone 3GS - Compatible Apps and Tweaks

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I just installed it on my iPhone 3GS and I think it's going to be awesome. There are a few graphic improvements and new icons.

However there is not Cydia for it. This thread will be for listing compatible iOS6 apps and for iOS 5 discussion.

Please use this link for a full listing:

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Well... I have it on my iPhone4 (GSM)... the most thing I like about it is "Do Not Disturb" and "Tap to Tweet/post"
I have the same apps "iFile & Dependencies....." working... tried SBsetting but no luck... after I installed made the device go into the safe mode and when I tried to exit it it won't work and goes back to the safe mode...I had to restore it and jealbreak it again.
I even tried cydia "was stupid cuz they say it won't work", it installed but won't work.. just crash
I managed to install installous and Dependencies...
I got no time to try another apps cuz if something goes wrong I always have to restore and jealbreak. That takes time and i don't have that much lol

Tweaks Supported:
Mobile Terminal
Mobile Substrate
Fake Carrier
UISettings Beta 2
Password Pilot

Tweaks Semi Supported:


Tweaks Not Supported:
SbSettings(It has to do with one of the dependencies because springboard still crashed after install untill i wiped all dependencies)
BBSettings: Crashes SpringBoard when opening NC
PreferenceLoader: Doesn't load preferences
WinterBoard: Puts your device into respring loop
IconRotator: Doesn't rotate icons
Running Indicator: Icons don't glow
Swish Unlock: Device isn't unlockable anymore
Zeppelin: Puts your device in a loop
Zephyr: Crashes when doing any gesture

Man I was glad to hear that Deck is working so I installed... it installed right but won't appear in the settings and activator is not working... I guess that's why deck didn't appear in my settings

Activator and spire works?


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