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Regenerate 0.4

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It doesn't ask me whether I want to install the theme. The theme shows up on the app, it just doesn't do anything. Also it never asked me for root access when I installed it or when I tap on the theme I want.

when you opened it did it?  it won't ask you if you want to install it. It will just run.  But if it isn't asking for root access, exit the app, quit it out of multitasking, and reopen it.

Also, if you have a lot of things that use Ch40s-Launcher, it will be slower to find the app.

I tried that like 6 times LOL. I just rebooted and I'm trying again. No luck :(

that's weird :( try selecting a different theme maybe?  does tapping @bcooperizcool do anything?

No it doesn't. No button I click on Ch40sUtils and Regenerate work. I will reinstall theme now.


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