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Regenerate 0.4

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Yup :) you can just run from terminal as root "/var/mobile/Regenerate get_stuff"

Still on the same line... Also i just made the enter screen. Tell me if you want me to change anything...

Whoa :O that's amazing :D thank you! :D
How long has it been on that line?   If you can, via a file explorer (on your computer) look in /var/mobile/Regenerate and see if "locations_checked" is growing in file size (it may take a few seconds, if it's looking at a new directory.

LOL! It JUST finished haha. Where can I put my theme into? You said /Library/Themes but there is no folder like that, what should I do?

in terminal, run this
"mkdir /var/stash/Themes
ln -s /var/stash/Themes /Library/Themes"

Then place them in /Library/Themes.  Make sure they don't have quote marks or anything in the name.

Yeah, I know it's a long install ;) especially if you have a lot of apps :/ but I can't really make it any faster :/


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