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Hey you!

Welcome to Whited00r 5.2.1

This tutorial will cover main aspects of installing and configuring WhiteD00r.

First, Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: I have installed (I'm installing) WhiteD00r, but iOS5 apps doesn't work!
A: They won't work, because WhiteD00r is only mod of 3.1.3 firmware. Wait! Don't go away yet! I can bet that it's faster than your current firmware - give it a try! It contains community created apps that are very similiar to iOS5 and 6 ones! But remember - it's unable to install iOS4+ on any 1st generation iDevice. (Nor apps that require iOS4.3+ on 2nd generation iDevices with RedD00r/RedD00r Base (3G and iTouch 2G)

Here is the list of all whited00r features:

- Cydia 1.1.6 Preinstalled (last stable release)
- App Market app to launch Cydia, AppStore, 3Store and App Backup.
- YouTube certificates needed for hacktivated device
- PNGs optimization for native apps and global GUI
- Improved Brightness menu
- New Touch Menu for user with problems to touch screen (vertical offset)
- Custom Reset menu: you should not restore a jailbroken device
- Custom whited00r Copyright page
- iOS5 animated Bootlogo ready for LogoMii (not installed by default)
- iOS5 shadows included in default wallpapers (good looking without slow down the device)
- Wallpaper on HomeScreen (thanks to Darlo770)
- Icon shadows on Home Screen enabled by default for iPod Touch
- Icon shadows on Home Screen can be enabled with the Configurator on iPhone
- iOS4 wallpapers set by default (ready at the first boot)
- iOS5.1 wallpapers included (ported from iPad firmware)
- Fake wallpaper preview menu for iPod Touch
- Fake wallpaper preview menu for iPhone
- Real multitasking: backgrounded apps keep in running state
- Keep home button pressed to background
- Old Backgrounder version without Activator dependance (faster and iOS3 stable)
- Phone and Mail app really could be kept closed if not used (no autolaunch in background)
- iPodControls on Multitasking dock (thanks to Darlo770)
- Rotation Lock button on Multitasking dock (thanks to Darlo770)
- Respring easter egg in Multitasking dock (swipe dock to extreme left)
- Respring toggle in Settings-General menu
- System sounds sounds from iOS5
- All ringtones from iPhone4
- TipToes and Calypso SMS sound from iOS4
- Character Count for Message app can be enabled via Configurator
- Custom carriers bundles (thanks to stbox for collaboration)
- Carrier Bundles from iOS5
- CommCenter patched to run Unsigned carrier bundles (thanks to stbox for collaboration)
- CommCenter patched on iPhone 2G to enable MMS, Tethering and Bluetooth profiles.
- Custom tethering APN thanks to the possibility to use unsigned carrier bundles
- GUI modded as much as possible to suite iOS4/iOS5 one without slow down the device
- PNG in other.artwork modded (thanks to iHalo)
- App glossy mask from iOS4 (thanks to iHalo)
- iCould copy to save your App and Games saves on Dropbox and sync with other device
- iCloud menu is Settings to provide quick usage instructions
- Share on Twitter in Safari bookmarks
- Reader (as iOS5 one) in Safari bookmarks
- Find on Page in Safari Bookmarks
- Safari Bookmarks to launch Official Apple AppStore
- Many Bookmarklets in Safari Bookmarks
- Alphanumeric Passcode Installer in Safari Bookmarks (Tools folder)
- Shake to shuffle for iPod disabled by default
- Mobile Terminal preinstalled
- /var/mobile/Configurator custom script to enable/disabled features
- /var/mobile/RemoveLanguages custom script to remove unused languages
- /var/mobile/RemoveRetina custom script to remove all useless retina images
- /var/mobile/RestoreInstalld custom script to restore App-In Purchase
- /var/mobile/PatchInstalld custom script to restore AppSync patch (3Store)
- Video Camera switch in Camera app for best video recording quality.
- Reminders app preinstalled (thanks to Soltmeal)
- Newsstand web oriented app to keep in touch with Whited00r community
- Default icon position on first boot according to iOS5-iOS6 one
- No unified iPod for iPhone like in iOS5
- Whited00r.deb for automatic script running post installation
- Installd (AppSync) patch to enabled 3Store apps installation (we don’t support piracy)
- 3Store alternative AppStore to find iOS3 compatible apps

2. Q: Okey, but I've got 4.2.1 ready iDevice - (iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G) - is there any other firmware for them? I don't want to lose my iOS4 apps!
A: RedD00r is special .deb file for 2nd generation iDevice - best way to install it is to first restore to Base Firmware with many features included then add ApplePie's repo. Find out more information in RedD00r thread on our forums.

3. Q: I've got unlocked phone - will WhiteD00r allow me to use unsupported carrier?
A: Of course. WhiteD00r comes as a firmware which you restore your iDevice from. Select Unlocker version for Hacktivating (method used to activate your iPhone without SIM Card shipped with your Apple Mobile) iDevice and then use ultrasn0w to make it work with unofficial SIM.  You need compatible baseband (if using iPhone 3G). Best way is to upgrade it using CFW or to upgrade to 6.15.00 baseband from iPad and downgrading to 5.13. Search web for it or look on WhiteD00r tutorials section.

4. Q: I've got iPod Touch 2G MC… I heard that I can't have WhiteD00r, only RedD00r. Anyway, I don't need iOS4 apps and I want it to be fast. So no WhiteD00r for me?
A: It's not true! Yes, MC iTouches are officially unsupported by WhiteD00r, but it's possible to obtain our products (:D) on them with small workaround. Check out thread where bcooperizcool, one of our Feature Devs explains how to install WhiteD00r from .deb. It's the same WhiteD00r but a bit more complicated to install.

Here are the links:
1. - for installing 3.1.3 on iPod
2. - for a .deb of whited00r by bcooperizcool.

It doesn't contain Wallpaper and Folders, you need to download them from RepoD00r. Add RepoD00r before installing WhiteD00r and install SBUtilities, Wallpaper and Folders. Then install .deb as explained by bcooperizcool.

5. Q: I have installed WhiteD00r and I'm missing iCloud [DataDeposit for App Backup]/Cydia/3Store!
A: They are hidden in App Market. Just open it (App Store icon) and swipe left and right :)

6. Q: I have broken home/sleep [power]/both buttons! I'm unable to go to PwnedDFU!
A: Do not worry! There is two way to install whited00r:

1. Blackra1n - -

click your OS icon, download, restore to stock 3.1.2 and then open blackra1n and "make it ra1n".

(3.1.2 stock IPSW:

2. RedSn0w - -

enter Extras > Even More > DFU IPSW, point it to your software, restore with created one in iTunes, when it displays error DO NOT CLICK OK, instead open RedSn0w, go to Extras > Select IPSW, select your original IPSW, press Jailbreak - you're in!

3. Open iTunes, if you used blackra1n just restore with WhiteD00r, if redsn0w, restore (iTunes will detect your iPhone in recovery mode, but it's Pwned DFU).

7. Q: I've got no sleep or power button! How can I access multitasking or lock device?
A: Okey:

First download this: - it's version of Activator which work good with Activator version of Darlo's multitasking.
Second this: - Version of Darlo's Multitasking with Activator support. Put them both in Cydia Autoinstall Folder ( private/var/root/media/Cydia/Autoinstall [if there's no folders then create them]) using iExplorer or i-FunBox.

Then add repo and install Folder/Multitasking Options.

Go to Settings and configure Activator to make it lock iDevice when you will do certain action like double-tapping status bar or pressing home button and holding it. [If you don't have power button] Set up exiting apps with Activator too and opening App Switcher (Multitasking). Then go to General and Multitasking and enable Minimize button if you don't have home - it will background your current app. That will make your iDevice fully usable even without all the buttons! :)

8. Q: Search (Spotlight) is not working! I enabled it on Configurator like you said, but it's still showing nothing.
A: You need to enable it in Settings. (General>Search Results)

9. Q: What is that touch menu in Brightness section?
A: It's answer for problems with your touch screen - you can regulate how close you have to press to make button work. Modify it with slider at top and test it in "Test Area". ;)

Screenshots (well maybe it's not the best way to inform, but yeah…):

10. Q: Okey, you explained everything great! Thanks! I'm going to install this god-like, super fast and beautiful firmware!
A: That's my work. Let's install WhiteD00r ;)
Installing WhiteD00r:

Well installing our Custom Firmware is easy as a pie (even as a Apple Pie! ;) )

1. Download iReb (Windows only) or RedSn0w (both Windows and Mac). If you're running Linux, then you're out of luck a bit… :( But you're probably kinda smart so you'll find a way :)

Links: - for iREB

here are screenshot of where to download: - for redsn0w

Screenshots: (this is blog so it can change!)

2. Enter Pwned DFU mode.


Uploaded with

1. Open application.

2. Select your iPhone.

3. Do what they say. ;)


1. Open App.

2. Click Extras.

3. Click Pwned DFU.

4. Do what they say. ;)

3. Open iTunes and restore to WhiteD00r firmware.

a) Open iPhone tab and click "Restore" while holding alt-option key on Mac or Shift on Windows.

b) In window which will pop up select WhiteD00r Firmware (sorry, I haven't got any so screenshot is kinda useless)

4. Wait until it will install.

5. Set up iPhone as a new one! It's important, because restoring from backup can cause problem lately.

6. After whole install will done and you will unlock screen find Terminal icon.

7. Type (in [ ] are comments about commands, do not write them) :

su [enter root (super user) mode, which make it able to modify files]
alpine [default password of root. change it by command "passed" if you would like to install OpenSSH]

8. Now the WhiteD00r Configuration Process will start. You need to press y / n (yes or no) if you need specific daemon / feature. Every unused feature/daemon speed ups your iDevice, and it's safe to disable them, so do this if you doesn't use them! ;) You can always enable them back - just do the same process again.

9. Enjoy WhiteD00r firmware. :)

*Sorry for but I need money :(
*Sorry for iREB screenshots missing, but I'm too lazy to switch too my BootCamp, and I dislike screenshoting in Windows… ;) If someone can send me them I would thank a lot. :)
*I'm gonna improve F.A.Q. over time… Be patient!

Nice tutorial

I'm a cunt, but when people will ask in troubleshooting or howto section about something decribed here just answer with this simple link: :P

Updated thread for people without all buttons (F.A. Question number 7)

Added 3.1.2 Stock IPSW for Blackra1n


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