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Any plans on adding the new PassBook from iOS 6 for ipod touch 4.2.1?

No. We cannot port the actual passbook app/API to ios3/4


--- Quote from: applepie on September 20, 2012, 07:32:43 PM ---No. We cannot port the actual passbook app/API to ios3/4

--- End quote ---

Buttt we can try to make a web app...

Web apps are pointless and it won't be functional

If you just want to have something on your springboard, you can use this:


I made it with the help of CPVideoMaker's HTML code. Go to the site with Safari, then add it to your springboard with the share icon on the bottom. It opens up and shows a static image of Passbook and that's pretty much it. Creating a real passbook would require a tremendous amount of work, if you actually wanted it to work, I think it would be something like Spire, where you'd need a newer model iPhone for it to work (send query to newer iPhone for data, newer iPhone asks Passbook, then sends data back to old iPhone; all over internet). It seems kind of inefficient, although, I may be wrong.


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