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SoundCloud Compatible with iPod Touch 2G MB iOS 4.2.1?


I need a version of SoundCloud that's compatible with Redd00r based iPod Touch 2G MB iOS 4.2.1 firmware please. I've been googling for the past few weeks but i can't find a compatible one. If you'd be kind enough to help me. :(

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Crashes on my iPod upon start. I hard rebooted but it still crashes.

why? on my iphone 3G with whited00r (3.1.3) works very well.
Install by adding to iTunes library if it does not work I do not know what the problem is.
Maybe the "Restore" will help :)

I'm never ever going to use the "Restore". EVER. :P Maybe I'll try to install with iTunes. But I think I tried it before. It still crashes.


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