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Cylicious (The newest social network for everyone)


Dear Whited00r and Redd00r users,

there is a new social network that is called: Cylicious. Cylicious is a independent social network for people that wants to be entertained after a call or chat. Cylicious uses points. You can earn points when you are socializing. You can exchange the points for music, movies and more, and it is legal.

There is now made a app for this. It has a nice GUI and it is very fast and stable enough. I can't put now the screenshots. It is ALPHA. But there are some restrictions:

- You have to be 17+(or 13+ with parental control but i have bypassed) because it contains strong profanity, sexual content, violent content, horror theming, use of substances(like alcohol, drugs, tobacco and energy drink), reckless and senseless content.
- It is to use with iOS 3.xx, iOS 4.xx, iOS 5.xx, iOS 6.xx
- You have to get a legit Cylicious account. (PS: You can make in the app one too)

And that's it. I hope that this will be intergrated with Whited00r and Redd00r.

Download: http://fileice.net/download.php?file=q921

(PS: Don't be critical on the app and the GUI, i am just 13 and i am a rapper so i am busy with my mixtape too, but this is just scratch, i will give you guys more.)

''JustinCase, please don't lock this topic, but my iPhone can't make now screenshots and the download link should have to work''


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