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[Solved] Backgrounding whited00r 6 - Enabling Multitasking


UPDATE 2014: with Whited00r 7 you can choose between 3 multitasking mode (switchable form Settings - Whited00r Settings):
- iOS7 style (fast app switcher). iPod controls and rotation lock: via Control Center
- Manual Multitasking: with iPod Controls and rotation lock. Uses Backgrounder for real multitasking (to keep apps running in background)
- Disabled

Is there a way to get the old multitasking with rotationlock, ipodcontrols and the real multitasking?

Greetings from Germany

yes, you can install ios3 multitasking from whited00r repo, but you have to disable new multitasking and siri :D

Thanks, momircar11
But the message "Backgrounding enabled" doesn't appear when holding the homebutton.
And the multitasking does not work. The rest with ipod controls and rotationlock is fine now again :D

1) disable new multitasking(Fast App Switching) and siri (use Terminal)
2) install ios3 multitasking from whited00r repo (use Cydia)
3) install Backgrounder (use Cydia)
4) reboot
Did it with my iPhone2G WD6


--- Quote from: Jojorus on December 18, 2012, 06:27:02 PM ---1) disable new multitasking(Fast App Switching) and siri (use Terminal)


--- End quote ---

Just to add a little more info about step #1:

whited00r Tutorial - Post Installation Includes setup tool info for enabling/disabling whited00r features.


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