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Your version of Instagram is out of date Error Not Working iOS 3.1.3, 4.1, 4.2.1

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no no. i think you didn't understand me. Sorry, english is not my main language.

my intentions is a private and particular Windows application, no plans for a public server!

And I think this app is almost working!

I just downloaded and tested Gramblr for Windows and it works. Gramblr will be the final link in this workaround.

Also, I just downloaded this app: Mail Attachment Downloader
It download any attachment from your email account. It have smart filters like, check every new message in a period of time, and just download certain extensions only from a certain email adress. That will help a lot my job.

I already have tons of macro applications (i play a few online games, you know sometimes you need to survive!). But  I will use Macrogamer, it is very simple, and can do what I want. Automation of mouse movement and it can send keystrokes, that's enough for the task.

So the whole chain/flowchart is (assuming my home PC is already powered on and connected to the internet)

1- I take a picture with the iphone camera
2- Send from my iPhone the picture to the email [email protected]
3- Mail attachment downloader will download the pic in my home PC
4- My personal software will check if have new pics downloaded by Mail Attachement Downloader
5- If Yes it will launch Macrogamer's Macro for upload a picure in Gramblr
This macro consists basicaly by: 1- (send keystrokes)enter my Instagram username/password, 2 (recorded mouse movements) find the downloaded picture by Mail Attachement Downloader, 3 - (recorded mouse movements) Upload the pic to Instagram 4- (recorded mouse movements) Reset Gramblr to show the first screen making it ready for the next pic

I should make a few code only to caption the pics

not a elegant way to have Instagram in your iPhone 3G, but I think it could work! I will try this very soon.

Oh, and thanks a lot for whited00r. This forum is very cool!

Very ingenious indeed, I was going to suggest a custom little server over the wifi network, but that wouldn't work away from home without more tweaking ;) 

I understand what you are meaning now, that is, as I said, very smart :)

is it still working ? plz someone reply


--- Quote from: adnanabidk on November 20, 2013, 11:04:02 PM ---is it still working ? plz someone reply

--- End quote ---

Instagram is still broken, aside from any workaround posted here, either by using other services and such.  The official app is still kaput, and will likely stay like that :(

Try this, I am testing it out today,11658.0.html


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