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Basic Instructions? iPhone 3G

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I go to download Whited00r and can do that. I see instructions for doing everything needed AFTER it's installed but I am unable to find simple instructinos on how to install Whited00r.

If I download directly, I don't know what to do with downloaded file. If I choose to "run" from the download, then nothing happens.

Obvoiusly this is a whited00r basic problem and since I am asking, you'll need to expalin it to me like you were explaining to a five year old child.

Gosh  I hope 5 year olds don't have iPhones :O

That should tell you what to do :)

I Googled and was taken to the page after this one. All I needed was the one line of text about opening iTunes and holding Shift as I restored.
I am trying this now.
THANKS again!

No problem :)

I may have just wasted half a day. The only reason I did this Whited00r "upgrade" was to get iOS5 on the phone. I did this based on a YouTube video. Now that I have completed the process, I still can not download Facebook (the iOS is too low). I do not see how to upgrade to a higher iOS to actually make the phone useful.
What am I doing wrong?
How do I get a higher iOS on the iPhone 3G to actually make it a useful device?


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