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Whited00r for 3GS ??


Hi again.

How about a firmware update to selectively activate all the code that runs on the iPhone 4 + 5. It would be nice to run Siri. I don't care about the 3d graphics.

why whited00r for 3gs if 3gs runs very smooth ios 6 and you can use sara  to replace siri ! i used sara on my 3gs and it works very smooth!

The tethered jailbreak for 6.0.1 does not work well for me. I own a 32G, wished I had a 64g if it was available, and use it for my car audio and secondly as my interenet device.

it was tethered jailbroken. Cydia just crashes and goes back to the home screen. I'd rather use the phone  with a stable whited00r firmware than jailbreak, run cydia and all the other goodies, and then end up with a unstable iPhone that randomly crashes.

Ideally, I wish it had a dual boot function to run either factory or boot up jailbroken and readily go back and forth without rebooting. OS like OS/9 used to do it. Why not the iPhone ?

3GS is still supported, and it runs iOS 6 perfectly well. There will be no Redd00r for 3GS. (yet).


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