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[50% Solved] WhatsApp WD6 Problem - Partially Working Update!

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Update by PierreP 2013-08-04: For those who made a backup when their WhatsApp was activated, see also: Restoring from a WhatsApp Backup in Dropbox? iPhone 3G

Update by PierreP 2013-06-22: The version currently in iTunes WhatsApp v2.8.7 "Requires iOS 4.3 or later" so it does not work on our older 1st & 2nd gen Apple devices. Thank you Apple, iTunes & WhatsApp for not supporting our iPod Touch 1G/2G & iPhone 2G/3G which cannot run any iOS above 4.2.1!  :-\

WhatsApp Alternatives  ;)

On the left side a screen capture of the old WhatsApp v2.8.4 for iOS 3.1 and above is not activated anymore by the WhatsApp servers & required a 3 digit activation code unique to a given device/phone number combo sent by their servers. On the right side: the newer WhatsApp v2.8.7 requires iOS 4.3 & above and uses a more secure 6 digit code.

From App Time Machine - Help the community and save WhatsApp for old devices

--- Quote ---UPDATE 3-Jan-2013: the problem seems partially solved for some WhatsApp v2.8.4 users. It seems that:

1- Who was using v2.8.4 and suddenly was kicked out from the service due to the block => WhatsApp v2.8.4 working again now

2- Who tries to install WhatsApp v2.8.4 on a device that wasn't already activated => still not working because verification code is not sent
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: AndreaACME on January 09, 2013, 11:09:06 PM ---...Thanks to everyone for sending the [AppTimeMachine] complaint email :)

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Original post:

I've installed Whited00r 6 on my iPhone 3G ..
Went to Time Machine to install Whatsapp ..After installing ..when it send a code and ask me to type it .. It says "Sorry, your version of the app is too old. Please download the latest version from the App store ... And i can't update cuz the latest version needs higher software version and I am running Whited00r 6 (3.1.3)

How to Get Whatsapp Working on Whited00r 6 ?? ..PLEASE NEED YOUR HELP!!  :-[ :-[


--- Quote from: azimech49 on January 25, 2013, 05:29:04 PM ---...The problem persists for those who never used whatsapp in their iphone.

Has someone tried activating whatsapp in another iphone (3gs+) and then installing in the 3g?

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"Has someone tried activating whatsapp in another iphone (3gs+) and then installing in the 3g?..." - That will not work because even if the phone number is the same, the device is different.

Quote from this WhatsApp FAQ "Support" page:

--- Quote ---Can I verify one WhatsApp account to multiple phones, or with multiple phone numbers?

Many of you may have different phones or different numbers, and may want to use WhatsApp with one number, but on two phones or vice versa. However, at this time, WhatsApp can only be verified with one number, on one device.
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Quote from

--- Quote ---We are not fans of advertising. WhatsApp is currently ad-free and we hope to keep it that way forever. We have no intention to introduce advertisement into the product...
--- End quote ---

So their business model is selling ad free apps. That is how they make their money. They reversed course under our pressure & re-enabled their server-side checks for older WhatsApp that were already activated once on a given specific device/phone number combo.

They will not activate old cracked WhatsApp v2.8.4 or lower on new device/phone number combo.  :'(

What is bad is that one cannot buy a legit, paid WhatsApp compatible with lower than iOS 4.3. Currently WhatsApp 2.8.7 in iTunes requires iPhone 3GS & newer so say it loud: Thank you Apple & WhatsApp!  >:(

So get Viber in whited00r 6's App Time Machine or an other alternative IMO and stop whining or trying tricks that do not work as several users reported in this thread


--- Quote ---A business model that actually works in the mobile world (99 cents a download) instead of ads.
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Then it may not be possible to use it as some apps make it so no older versions work


--- Quote from: JustinCase on December 22, 2012, 04:48:15 PM ---Then it may not be possible to use it as some apps make it so no older versions work

--- End quote ---

Or sometimes it's the site itself that blocks requests from older apps because they changed their authentication protocol, does server-side checks or whatnot.

An example is trying to upload to Flickr using a working on whited00r 6 Instagram. See [Solved] whited00r 6 Working Instagram - Workaround Flickr Crashing - IOS 3.1.3

Also the Pandora v3.1.1.7 downloaded from the > App Market > App Time Machine store crashes when logging in for me but the Pandora v4.01 (Pandora Radio [Pandora Media Inc.] (v4.0.1 Univ LP os30)-Persephone.Lr17.ipa) linked here works fine on my iPhone 3G whited00r 6: [Tutorial] whited00r 6 How-To Find iOS 3.1.3 Compatible Apps - iTunes iOS Filter Fix

Hi All,

I am also facing same problem.  :-\  Each time when i resend my number to register on whatsapp server, I get message which says "you are using older version of whatsapp"
I tried with 2.6.9, 2.8.1, 2.8.4, 2.8.7 versions.

Looks like apple and whatsapp have rolled their sleeves up to make ppl to throw their old iphones.
Has anyone got solution yet?



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