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Found many iOS 3.1.3 Apps - iphone.mob Problem Uploading to


I found this:
there are hundreds of ios 3.1.3 apps.

I tried to upload some of them to share them on but i always get a Error every time, so i can never upload anything.  :-\

And you guys can try to upload some of them cause i cant upload :(

And here are some good other Apps(they are all working on iOS 3.1.3 i tested it) :

Sorry for my bad English.

(I just posted the links that you guys can upload these apps)

Moderator note: Edited thread title to add relevant keywords as described in  WD 6: Tips to Quickly Solve your Problems/Bugs & Get Answers FAST!

Thank you for taking the time to share your links with the whited00r community and welcome to the WD Forums!  8)

One can find other links too in this thread: [Tutorial] whited00r 6 How-To Find iOS 3.1.3 Compatible Apps - iTunes iOS Filter 3.x

"... i tried to upload some of them but i always get a Error everytime, so i can never upload something" - You mean download I presume? Strange, the first app on iphone.mob I just tried downloaded fine: Color Rush Ninja. Maybe some of the apps you are trying to download have broken links? Shite happens you know.

See Uploading and downloading definitions and Capitalization in English.  ;) Check also if you can enable the spell checker for English in your web browser.

I am not a native English speaker & thank God for the spell checker!

BTW this is a must read for all new whited00r users IMO: Whited00r 6 - FAQ & Troubleshooting - READ BEFORE POSTING!

good site tho, downloaded ton of apps today from the site given,
by the way, why The Sims 3 running on Russian languange?

I just want to support but I can never upload something, i tried it lot of times and i just get : Error when uploading your file. And I just want to show the links that other people cann upload that to

And for the sims 3 russian problem: I have no idea might be a modified app


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