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WiFi not working on Stock iOS 4.2.1 Nor on whited00r 6?

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WiFi was working wen i was running ios 4 and ios 3.1.3 but stopped since i installed whited00r. i have replaced the antenna this morning and still not working. its scans ok i can selected the network and put the password in it joins but cuts off after a few seconds or if i try another network i get unable to join any help???

--- Quote from: msmb85 on February 16, 2013, 04:06:45 PM ---...on the stock iOS 4.2.1 firmware it does the same confused what to do?? its a new WiFi part fitted also.

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Julio Cesar:
ok. try installing the stock ios 4.2.1 and if the wifi works again, download the whited00r unlock version from here and install it againg, regards  ;)

thank you but on the stock firmware it does the same confused what to do?? its a new part fitted also

Julio Cesar:
you haven't wifi using the stock ios 4.2.1?

The problem is in the WiFi chip, which can't be fixed  :( I mean, you can only by changing whole iPhone's motherboard.... I have the same problem  :'(


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