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[Solved] Iphone 3G Strange Battery Problem

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(Not sure if it's the right forum where to write this issue or not ) please move it if that's needed

Well i would like to say that i am always under WD5 Sinceit's making my device faster and has everything i need , which has revived my phone again  . I have been using WD5 Since 07/07/2012 and i am happy with the features it has and everything great inside it .

The issue : now since 2 months i have been facing a battery issue is that it drains too much quickly , even in stand-by mode the battery keep draining , but i am living with it since it lasts for one day ( from the morning till the night ) . but the strange problem is yesterday the battery didn't drain at all , was listening to music for 4 hours and 2 mins talking on phone ( from the morning till the night , the battery did not drain too much , 86% left ) , the same thing happened to me onemonth ago but the problem was back . i just want to know why and how this is happening and do i need to replace the battery in this case ?  thank you in advance

Please note : i am always checking if there is an application running in the background and always cloosing them , 3G always turned off , Wifi is broken so it doesn't turn on and almost everything is saving my battery from drain is done . have a good day - Washasat

Had you installed any tweaks recently?
Just making sure, you did set up the device as a new phone when you restored it right? ;)

Technically, we only provide support for the latest whited00r version because it normally provides fixes over the previous version, but I will let it slide as I actually can remember whited00r 5 and how it works :) (now, if you were on whited00r4, you would be in trouble :P )

hi and thanks for the reply
well i have never been on whited00r 4 i've only installed the WD5 . And no i have not installed a tweak or an application i'm only using the phone for music/pictures/videos and phone calls

I know the battery gauge can be inaccurate at times, but normally only a 20% margin of error at most.  It could just simply be that your iPhone has come back to life again (my iPhone 2g did that for a while with the wifi chip, but it is dead again now).  I wouldnt worry too much about it, especially if it has improved the battery life :)  and I wouldnt worry if it goes back to normal again either.  If it makes you feel safer, you could always buy a backup battery online for in case it does die you have a replacement right away, but that isnt needed to change it right now.

@bcooperizcool thank you so much
i had the same feeeling and i am really sure that the battery will die one day , anyways i have a 2nd battery tooken from an old iphone , and i'll replace it as soon as the battery became dead ,thanks for help everyone


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