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iPhone 3g - after whited00r 6 installed I have hardware issues


Hi, I installed whited00r 6 in iPhone 3G, and after several days, I faced hardware issues: iPhone wont recognize the cable, microphone is not working at all, and the phone does not produce sound when it rings. Is it possible that this is somehow related to whited00r OS that I installed? Anyway, I will try to reinstall the OS those days to see if this will fix the issue, but just wanted to rise the question here.

note: before installing whited00r 6, I downgraded the basebend following you instructions.


Please provide more information please ;D
Like, Whited00r Version? Normal, Unlocked? Baseband Before? Baseband Now? Anything else that might cause it? Anything that we should know?

and, Welcome to the Forums ;D

When you restored to whited00r, did you set up as a new iPhone in iTunes, or restore from a backup to get your data back?


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