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Whited00r 7.1 Introduction - What's new and how to use WD7.1
« on: August 01, 2013, 01:57:13 AM »

Image thanks to PierreP without with his permission ;)

Introduction for WD7.1
So, you want to see what is new do you?  Well, quite a lot has changed.  Check out the full changelog at the bottom of this post for the details :)  Screenshots and a full write up coming later!

Introduction for WD 7
Behold the many wonders that is Whited00r 7, a completely revolutionary firmware for your depreciated devices.

Hopefully this release will be a huge hit with most, if not all of you, as well as be much easier to use than previous versions of whited00r.
This post hopefully will give you an overview of most of the major changes done in Whited00r 7 since the past release.
We have put a lot of work into this release, and we think it shows, down to the smallest detail.

This is not a installation troubleshooting post. This is simply an overview/guide of the firmware

New features/changes
What is new in Whited00r 7 that is so worth upgrading for? Well let me walk you through some of the major changes.

iOS7 Theme

You may be thinking "Well I could have just used winterboard for this...". Let me assure you, you couldn't have. The theme is so much more than just image deep so to speak.  There are several tweaks (memory efficient mind you!) working in the background to provide a completely immersive iOS7 feel for your old device.
To start with, there is the amazing, beautiful iOS7 theme. The team put hours and hours into this theme to give you the most complete replica of iOS7 theme capable by images.
Every icon, loading screen, and image you see has been touched in some way to make everything flow together in a smooth theme that in some ways is even more impressive than the real iOS7 theme.
Underneath that is a modification at the system level that changes text colour, animations slightly, as well as layouts of certain things to provide an iOS7 feel to the way you interact beyond the graphical.

App Time Machine

From the lands beyond comes an major overhaul of the whited00r exclusive feature - a store for older versions of applications - the App Time Machine!
Now completely native, the App Time Machine is much faster, as well as much nicer to look at and interact with, being complete with an iOS7 style theme and beautiful animations.
Installing and finding compatible apps for 3.1.3 has never been easier than this!
For a full write up of the new changes in the App Time Machine, head over to the App Time Machine App FAQ & Guide

Banner Notifications

A long requested feature for whited00r finally has arrived, banner notifications. No longer do you have to put up with obtrusive alerts covering what you are in the middle of doing (probably looking up pictures of kittens in buckets, right?).
With configurable options for looks, this tweak brings you the iOS7 style notifications to your device, providing a list of recent notifications on the lockscreen, as well as banner notifications on the top of the screen when in app or otherwise which can be dismissed by a simple swipe up.
to open apps on the lockscreen tap the app icon for the notification

iOS7 lockscreen

You too can have the beautiful iOS7 lockscreen, from the media controls to the slide to unlock to the camera grabber on the iPhone, the lockscreen in Whited00r 7 has changed dramatically, and is a near perfect replica of the iOS7 one, feeling just right when using.
Camera grabber? We have that. Not just a button like others have done before, but a proper "grab and drag" to open camera grabber.
Slide to unlock? You are covered there, the whole screen will slide with your finger when you go drag it across the screen.
Music controls? Well, we figured why not. The music controls are now styled in the iOS7 layout on the lockscreen.
Big over the top font and minimalist look? Done. You now have the big iOS7 style clock and the simple look and feel of iOS7.


Using an unlocked version of whited00r? You now can use the settings app for push fixer rather than the old terminal method. Styled for a modern iOS7 look, fixing your push notifications has never been easier.


Another major new feature of Whited00r 7 is the Configurator, or "Whited00r Settings" in the settings app.
This allows you to very easily and quickly change settings on your device, disabling features to speed up your old iPhone or iPod touch to get the most performance out of it, as well as configure certain Whited00r exclusive features.
Gone are the days of typing commands in the terminal just to get to the one bit you wanted to change, instead, you get the powerful new configurator engine and GUI to do that.
From average user settings of basic features to a more advanced power user mode, this tool is sure to enhance your device in ways you never would have imagined before.
Don't want wallpapers? Easy. Go to the settings and simply switch it off and then press apply and watch the magic happen.  Same goes for every other feature on the device, enabling and disabling is easier than ever.
For a full write up on all the new features, please go check out the Configurator FAQ & Documentation

Control Center

We went there, we did it. A beautifully done control center designed to make using your device just that little bit quicker and easier. 

Quickly launch a number of apps as well from within any app, giving you an added productivity bonus.
Toggles -Toggle WiFi, BlueTooth, Airplane Mode, and Orientation lock with ease within any app. (the states of these keep up with system preferences, just that little touch of extra quality to make you smile :) )
Quick App Launch Options - A simple swipe and tap will bring you into another app for an added productivity value.
FlashLight - A Whited00r 7 exclusive option, tap the flashlight button at the bottom left and it will instantly set your device up with a white background and bring the brightness up to maximum. Easy to close as well just by tapping the screen anywhere.
Music Controls - We couldn't really give you control center without this could we? Designed to behave and look like the iOS 7 Control Center, this allows you to quickly change tracks and see information about the current song.
Brightness and Volume Sliders - Change brightness and volume on the fly with the corresponding sliders in Control Center.

iOS 7 App Switcher
Pending screenshots...

An iOS 7 styled recent app switcher, this is really one of the best ways to multitask.

Check out the Whited00r 7 FAQ/Bugs and Troubleshooting READ BEFORE POSTING :)

Full Changelog For WD7.1:

UI and Graphical
Applying wallpaper text changed to better inform users that they need to stay in the settings app while it applies.
Tab buttons now themed globally in both native and App Store apps (text and glyph).
In call screen now has images, as well as the buttons for accept/decline call are improved.
Title buttons now iOS 7 style being only text. This includes the system buttons for done, edit, cancel, send, and more.
Bar backgrounds in the system are now white everywhere too that use this method (used in the backgrounds for tab buttons).
Better color handling for items in the UI (calendar, clock, and music all have red themed glyphs and text).
Disabling spotlight via the Whited00r Settings will disable the spotlight page on springboard.
Icon Fade option, used as a sort of "Reduce Motion" feature. This fades in and out icons instead of animating them zooming in and out.
Backend changes for stability and speed, and better global theming of elements.
Pill style buttons (as seen in calendar bottom bar and other apps) now themed better and are more readable.

Fixed the crashes for springboard when using a passcode, powering down, or receiving a call. (yay)
iPod touch slide to unlock text now aligned correctly.

Control Center
Stability improvements, as well as slight speed improvements.
Better window handling, now able to be opened in full screen apps.
Fast blur option, enable/disable via the Whited00r Settings visual section. (Although fast, it can never be as fast as not having a blur. Still very usable though)
Tinted blur option, to dim/tint the blurred background for Control Center and make the content more readable.
Visual changes and improvements (thanks to tartilc for some of these, taken from the WDExperience Enhancer Mod)
No longer freezes the lockscreen on loadup for a couple seconds while it registers for music notifications. This is moved to using the music controls for the first time around on respring/reboot.

Whited00r Settings/Configurator
Even better backend code.
Much more dynamic than before, includes a revamped modules feature to allow for true inline toggle placement by 3rd party developers, with flexibly ranging from colors to actual code execution, as well as sectioning/grouping objects together (tutorial coming later).
Cell Data toggle now is persistent across reboots, resprings, and applying of changes in the WD settings.
More options for newer features

iOS 7 App Switcher
Stability and speed improvements.
Graphical enhancements.
New launch method for apps, much quicker as well as dropping the need for the "Open" tweak from Cydia (more speed off the batt).
Swipe up to delete apps (no, they still aren't running in the background).

Sara Voice Assistant
Graphical, speed, and stability improvements.

App Time Machine
Removed from the App Market and placed directly on springboard.
Offers to open the App Store when no results are found in search.
Modified icon cache rebuilding code.
Prevention from installing the same app multiple times, which caused issues before in WD7.
Fixed crashes of apps relating to certain cache folders not being created.

Assistive Touch
Added in this release, is an assistive touch type feature. This allows you to exit apps, lock the device, and change the volume easily. Very useful for those with broken hardware buttons.

Various other improvements
OverTheAir (OTA) updates via Cydia to receive future updates
Removed AppMarket
Various graphical cleanups/improvements.
Same core bundle used across all device, meaning stability and uniformity for every device right away, thus less bugs in certain firmware variants.

Full Changelog For WD7:

UI and Graphical
New icons to match iOS 7 style
New UI and images tweaked to look the best everywhere on Whited00r 7. Hours spent finding out what looked and worked best in every app, not just one ;)
Deep modifications to many many images so all the little details are covered and look the best as possible.
iOS 7 Font
UI Tweak to change Nav bar background, giving it a white background with a thin grey line behind it.
UI Tweak to change Nav bar titles to black
UI Tweak to change back buttons to iOS 7 Style with the blue text and back arrow.
UI Tweak to change popup alerts to be the correct color, with blue buttons there as well and black text for titles/text bodies.
UI Tweak to change tab bar button items. Look in the Clock app, phone app, music app to see what this means. Most apps are blue, but the little touch of Clock and music being red to match the icons probably is missed by everyone. Also makes it turn to black on selection of it, so it blends well.
UI Tweak to give animations for icons on unlock as well as app launch/close.  Rather than just using a snapshot of the homescreen to make it grow out and animate that way, we actually moved all the icons using equations and heavy logic code to give that iOS 7 feel on 3.1.3, as well as let us have the ability to tweak the equation and logic down the road if needed to make it even more iOS 7 style.
UI Tweak to allow for use of app snapshots as the launch images to give the feeling of more speed.
UI Tweak to change some buttons to clear background color with blue text
Rounded Switches for an iOS 7 Style look
"Live" blur of dock background to match iOS 7 style. Set a wallpaper, and it will blur the dock :)
Blur of folders to look less like iOS 4 folders and more like iOS 7 style ones.
Blur of wallpaper for manual app switcher background.

Larger clock font size, to match iOS 7 size.
No shadows on text on the lockscreen, to look cleaner and more iOS 7 style.
Music controls rearranged to be closer to the iOS 7 style layout.
Camera grabber on the iPhones, with a real swipe up to launch.
Chevron next to the slide to unlock text, which positions correctly even with different localizations.
Slide anywhere to unlock, with a fade as you slide. Doesn't move the wallpaper either, so it looks iOS 7 style.
Re-positioned album artwork to shrink it down and match iOS 7 style positioning.
Smaller battery.
Removal of reflections on album artwork and battery.
Optional bounce animation on release of slide for either camera grabber or unlock when it is not fully swiped to unlock/open.
Animated blur on showing on music controls on the lockscreen.

Added in banners to match newer iOS version notifications at the top of the screen.
Slide up to dismiss banners.
Choice of banner style, either iOS 7 style or iOS 6 style.
List of notifications on the lockscreen.
Tap icon on lockscreen to open the app.
Move of lockscreen notifications with slide to unlock.
Choice of appearance for lockscreen notifications - blur background, darker blur on background, or iOS 6 style notifications on lockscreen.
Fading of past notifications on the lockscreen to highlight the most recent one.

Control Center
Added in Control Center, to mimic the iOS 7 style Control Center.
Slide up from anywhere to activate.
Smart swiping, either drag or swipe to open. Control Center will intelligently either open all the way or close. That includes swiping up past the open point, or not opening all the way. Little touches that make you smile :)
Wifi, airplane mode, bluetooth, and orientation lock toggles.
Brightness slider.
Volume Slider.
Music controls, as well as information about currently playing music.
Quick shortcuts, a flashlight feature, as well as a changing last option based on if the device is an iPhone or an iPod (open either camera or notes).
Semi-transparent background to match iOS 7 style on the iPhone 4.
Status of toggles keeps up with system toggles.
Now playing keeps up with system now playing.
Orientation lock icon in the status bar.

Modified the stock camera to look like iOS 7.
Transparent bottom bar
iOS 7 style switch to video
Grid option
Volume button up to take pictures.

GUI for Pushfixer
Error logging for troubelshooting support
Error handling for common errors to allow you to know what the problem is without needing troubleshooting support for basic problems.
Easy input for pushfixer code.
Simple to tell when it has been successful on install

Whited00r Settings/Configurator
Quickly toggle whited00r features on the go, using a beautiful GUI interface.
Quick backend code powering it, the actual applying of the settings is the fastest possible, as well as providing the most stability being hand crafted from scratch for every feature and option by people with a deep understanding of the file system and the code.
Very good error handling in the backend code, to stop your device from failing as much as possible even for the advanced options. We do things safely.
Powerful front end GUI code to allow for a number of new features.
Tap on the text of a switch to get a popup with information about the option.
Color coding for advanced features.
Quick shortcuts to different pages for options.
Easily swipe left/right to go to different pages of the Configurator, faster than different sub-menus and a top page for navigation.
Easy localization support.
Advanced config, for power users, and non-advanced config for the average user.
Dynamic backend code that changes based on advanced config being enabled/disabled.
Smart code that prevents tweaks that conflict with eachother from being enabled at the same time.
Hides toggles that are not relevant based on currently enabled features.
Error handling to inform you of possible errors that may have happened if it is interrupted during a crucial operation.
Does not allow use of Configurator when used on a device that was restored from an iTunes backup (can't detect stock firmware of whited00r 6, but it can detect whited00r 7 reinstalls and will detect any future upgrades from whited00r 7 to newer versions).  This is for your devices well being, as many many issues can occur there.
3G/Edge/data switch. No respring required to apply.

App Time Machine
Native front end for the App Time Machine service.
Badges on download tab button for number of active downloads
Managing of active downloads and past downloads
Auto delete of .ipa option to automatically delete downloads after they install
Auto install of .ipa option to automatically install applications after they complete downloading.
Beautiful iOS 7 themed GUI
Homepage tab, with information about the App Time Machine and possible news in the future about it.
Faster than the old App Time Machine by quite a bit.
Smooth animated alerts for various functions of the app, such as confirmation for installing/downloading, download started, download completed and errors that may occur.
Error handling to let you know of possible problems that could occur.
Script to fix permissions for the ATM manually if needed inside the application folder.
Search function/tab
Settings tab to change various settings for the App Time Machine
.deb installer under settings
UICache button, to try and manually force new app icons to show up if it bugs out (uicache is buggy, not the App Time Machine)
Cleaner/faster method for updating icon caches than uicache.
Option to use uicache instead of the newer method, in case it doesn't work for you. (however, in the testing it has worked without the need for uicache every time consistently)
Alert to inform you of interrupted downloads on reopen of app if you closed the app while downloading.
Error handling to inform you of permissions errors within the app itself, although they shouldn't happen, they are there just as quality control.

iOS 7 style look
iOS 7 animations
Blurred background

iOS 7 App Switcher
Use of live homescreen snapshot provided by the UI tweak
Use of "live" snapshots of apps provided by the UI tweak
iOS 7 styled to give your device a nicer feel
List of recently used apps, not active apps.

A list of credits beautifully designed and grabbed from online to keep it up to date.
Links to twitters for certain team members.

Various other improvements
Multiple daemons disabled by default for extra speed
Scripts for cracking .ipa files for upload to the App Time Machine
Scripts for language removal
Scripts for file system cleanup (retina images, etc)
Sturdy install methods (we set permissons and check for any possible errors during install and prepare the device for "Just in case" so the issue never happens)
Error handling during install
Log for install, so it's possible to check if something went wrong during the process
Other small little details.
Prepatched PreferenceLoader compatible with iOS3 to prevent Settings crash.
General PNGs optimization.
All search domains are enabled when Spotlight daemon Toggle is ON.
AppMarket with a brand new iOS7 AppStore look
General cleanup for obsolete things (e.g. DataDeposit, fake-iCloud, MobileMe)
Fixed MMS and Tethering on iPhone 2G. Check your carrier bundle if not working
Finely "forged":  Most of the tweaks and new things have error handling and tell you if something will go wrong, and why to the best that they can.
Quality firmware:  We didn't skip on any little details just so it would be easier to make. We took the time, to make this the best quality custom firmware out there. Every little corner has been touched, and as you use you will notice that. We care about you and your device/experience, and made the best tweaks/scripts/firmware from the start. 6+ months of development brought this to you, and we hope it shows :)
Made by people who understand coding and didn't overreach their bounds of what they can do (and when they did, they learned what they needed as well so they could troubleshoot it and make it more stable and quick). They used what they knew to make it stable rather than using things they didn't understand.  (*cough*)

Probably more things, but you will notice that as you use it I suppose :)  That's the big technical write up though, so I hope that pleases most of you people who want to know exactly what has changed ;) Some points probably could be explained more, but for now this will suffice. :)

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Re: Whited00r 7 Introduction - What's new and how to use WD7
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2013, 03:38:51 AM »

& grabbing the Reply #1 spot for future comments & edits.  ;)

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Re: Whited00r 7 Introduction - What's new and how to use WD7
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2013, 03:11:35 AM »
it was just released about more or less an hour ago and he already has a post about it... wow...
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Re: Whited00r 7 Introduction - What's new and how to use WD7
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2013, 03:13:42 AM »
it was just released about more or less an hour ago and he already has a post about it... wow...

This was created in July ;) Just in a private board.

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Re: Whited00r 7 Introduction - What's new and how to use WD7
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2013, 03:32:44 AM »
This was created in July ;) Just in a private board.

If you look at PierreP's reply, it was posted in July ;)
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