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[Solved] iPhone 2G 3G - SIM card inserted in iPhone Not Supported iTunes Error

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--- Quote from: lady_yui on December 20, 2013, 10:03:46 AM ---Hi. I'm having an error 1600, when I'm trying to restore on Itunes using the Whitedoor. Before that, I had the same prob same with Pssi. Please help! I've been reading tips and tricks here in the forum but nothing worked so far :( and I keep on downloading files that seems to be useless in the end.. And it's taking me 6hrs to download one file (for I have an slow connection). Please I need help.. Thanks.

--- End quote ---

Have you read this?
iTunes 16xx error even when using iReb - READ THIS

Basically, use the redsn0w linked there and go to "Extras" and choose "PWNED DFU" mode to be able to get past the 1600 error.

However, if you need an unlock, you need to downgrade your baseband which is easy too and done via this tutorial:
iPhone 3G baseband downgrade tutorial[/url]

Also, this isn't exactly the right thread for getting past the 1600 error ;)   (there are many, and even stickied threads too, on this board).


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