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[Solved] Viber Notifications & Calls fix Whited00r 6 - iOS 3.1.3

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--- Quote from: PierreP on September 28, 2013, 01:56:58 PM ---NO! He does not have a push certificates problem because he has modem firmware 05.15.04 which only works to make & receive calls when the iPhone is factory unlocked or if you have the original SIM.

iTunes automatically activates & installs push certificates when it is factory unlocked (or if you have the original SIM) so there is no need to use or the tutorial: [Solved] whited00r 6 Unlocked Push Notifications Quick Fix

More info about baseband (modem firmware): [Solved] iPhone 3G Free Unlock Baseband 05.15.04 05.14.02 - No Service Searching - Downgrade iPad 06.15.00 Modem Firmware

He also wrote this, proof that his notifications are working:

--- End quote ---

i know i know

when i install 3.1.3

my problem was like that ' and i 'm not use the pushfix

i didn't see the push before open the viber

and the Notifications ( on ) not off

and every thing fine !

and No push (dead )

So and without push fix

i install source from cydia and then i install the program from it and i active my push with my sim

i test it , after that , The result Wow ! it works and without pushfix

i use unlocked copy !

that what happened .

and i believe the problem with his push

and if you not believe , So what your solutions :)


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