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Do you ever come across this amazing idea that will benefit everybody, but thinking that you don't know how to make that idea come true?

This forum thread is dedicated to those with the ideas!

An idea for a MobileSubstrate Tweak, or an application you wish you had.

Other developers can then look at these posts and make that dream come true for you!

Can't wait to post? Great! Here's the rules to posting:


* Have an idea? Simply add [Idea] to the title of your reply so it's easily identifiable.
* Made the idea come true? Simply quote the original post and reply with a link to your new thread. (Following the AmDEV Rules)
* Please read the ideas before posting one! Maybe someone else had the idea already!
* No Spamming!
* Minimise Chatting in this thread! And don't leave 1-3 word replies like Great. Okay. Sweet. I don't know.
* Don't make suggestions of apps/tweaks that already exist!
* Don't suggest iOS 7 features, unless you have an idea how to make them. We know you want those ;)

Have an idea or suggestion for Whited00r firmware? Share them in the Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version Forum Board. This post is dedicated for ideas for Apps and Tweaks!

A cool idea for a tweak could be an automatic wallpaper dock blurrer to simulate iOS 7 and automatically replace it with the original Dock. Like that, it would look like if the dock is blurred and make it look much more like iOS 7 :)

ok  Im new and i dont speak english very well so if you dont understand me, ask.
well all people want the famous whats app back... but thats imposible unless whatsapp owner change all...
so now it has appeared telegram messenger( its an app very similar to whatsapp but we can get the source code... so we can do our own telegram for old ipods/iphones.
the api is in the page(
and appart from that... I would like to know how to develop for ios if someone can help me and wont to doit

Welcome to the forums :)

Actually, I did think of doing that when I first saw it had API that was allowed to be used. However, still a matter of manpower to spare as well as time, of which I have neither (and nor does whited00r). :(


--- Quote from: frandemo on March 07, 2014, 08:35:09 PM ---and apart from that... I would like to know how to develop for ios if someone can help me and wont to do it

--- End quote ---
On windows it can be a butt to code with xcode as it is a mac exclusive :-\ (which is the best way to learn) as it is simple and has lots of tools to test the app. However you could (depending on your pc) get a hackintosh or use a virtual machine with Mac OSX server on it (not just Mac OSX that wont run)
But if you want a hackintosh you need an intel system with an nvidia graphics card A good link to follow to see if your computer is compatible
Bad luck though if you have a laptop as it is even harder to find compatability :-\ but buying one that works shouldnt be too hard Laptops compatible with Hackintosh
Sorry if I totally geeked out on you I am kinda a computer nerd :P


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