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--- Quote from: m.h.mukit on December 10, 2015, 09:14:10 PM ---I have installed whited00r 7.1 but not working my vibration . but vibration works in defult ios 4.2.1 . can i get any help plz ??

--- End quote ---

An odd place to ask for help.... I'll wait until you respond so you can see this, but after you respond I'm going to split this topic off to it's own one in the right section of the forum (TROUBLESHOOTING - IPHONE & IPOD TOUCH 1G/2G/3G, UNLOCK & JAILBREAK PROBLEMS & ISSUES)

When you restored to whited00r, did you set up as a new device in iTunes or restore from a backup?

Hi guys, yes i'm working with the youtube app built from scratches with the new api and the left sidebar, i just need support to write the code...seems working in ios 3.1. The point is that we can not only write the code but also make a working ios 3.1 video player (integrated in the app). Not sure we can use the new youtube app with the old video player (the one in the system). Can i have help by someone that can write the code?

Unfortunately i need to buy the new screen for the ipod touch 2G MB, so for now i can only test with the simulator.


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