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I've got linux to and i'm downloading mac ox to use it with virtualbox...
thanks for your help and I won't start with this now but I will try to started for school

I do have an idea which would be an app like tapatalk that works with the forums to provide fast access to the forums but of-course it has to work on  3.1.3 one did exsit called @whited00r however the link is long gone (and it wasn't very fast anyway...)


--- Quote from: frandemo on March 07, 2014, 08:35:09 PM ---so now it has appeared telegram messenger( its an app very similar to whatsapp but we can get the source code... so we can do our own telegram for old ipods/iphones.

--- End quote ---

+1 for this idea!

telegram is open, secure and very mature. plus, it's very whatsapp-alike.

we've got the sourcecode at our fingertips, here:
As I have no knowledge of ios development, the question is whether there is a way to use this code to develop for an iOS3 release.

Can anybody say whether it is possible to just compile it with the old xcode version and we have a working telegram.ipa for ios3? Or is there some effort needed to make it work and backport it somehow?
I'd be glad if someone could look into this and give an estimation of the work needed to compile it for iOS3.

If it's not possible to compile, maybe a safari wrapper app including the Webogram JS client for Telegram could work as well, wouldn't it?

Cheers and thanks for whited00r!

Welcome to the forums :)

While it does have source code, it also very likely depends on API and frameworks either not in 3.1.3, or not even portable to 3.1.3 without a major re-write.  I know even simple JSON parsing things are not that good on 3.1.3, and 3.1.3 doesn't even have block code support unlike iOS 4 :(

[email protected]:
we can make a tweak based on group play in which several devices connect with each other and play music together it is very usefull


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