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App Time Machine App FAQ & Guide
« on: July 06, 2013, 03:29:39 AM »
As of Whited00r 7.1 this disguised as the appstore app on springboard

What is this?
Very good question! 

This is a post that will give a little bit of insight on how to use the new App Time Machine app in Whited00r 7.

In Whited00r 7, the App Time Machine app was completely redone from scratch, giving stability, better graphics, and more features.

New Features
Faster (not a feature, but worth mentioning ;) ) - this app is faster than the previous one :)
Deb installer - like the Cydia AutoInstall feature but quicker.
Notifications - get notifications when something happens within the app, download starting, download finished, install started, and install finished.

How to use

Downloading apps

So, how do you go about downloading apps for your dilapidated device?  Easy.
Just open up the App Time Machine, and browse through the categories until you find an app you like the looks of, and then tap on it and press yes to start the download.  It will alert you when the download has started, as well as finished.
If you have a specific app in mind, you can always use the search tool and find the app that way :)

Managing downloads

You can manage both active and past downloads, as well as local files from /var/mobile/Downloads using the Downloads tab.
Once there, you will see all the .ipa files from /var/mobile/Downloads as well as currently active downloads, where you can view their progress as they download.

To cancel/delete a currently active download or a locally saved .ipa file, simply swipe on it from left to right, and then tap the Cancel button.

Installing previously downloaded apps is easy, just tap on it, and then tap Yes when it asks if you want to install it. It will then show a spinning wheel as it installs. Do not install the same app multiple times without uninstalling it first, and do not close out of the app while it is installing.


Searching for apps is easy, just tap in the bar at the top that says Search and type in what you want and then press Return on your keyboard. It will then proceed to search for any apps matching that.  Any results you get you can tap on to install :)


There are a couple configurable options from the Settings tab, which will be explained below.

Auto install of apps
As you may have guessed from the name, the auto install toggle enables/disables the automated install of apps after they are downloaded.

Auto delete of .ipa files
This toggle controls if .ipa files should be deleted from /var/mobile/Downloads after they are installed or not.

A quick respring button, put in for use after using the Deb installer.

Deb installer
Similar to the Cydia Autoinstall feature, this button will batch install all the .deb files in /var/mobile/Downloads and delete the .deb files afterwards. However, unlike the Cydia Autoinstall feature, you do not need to reboot twice after using it, simply tap the Respring button and you are good to go.

Hopefully this app won't have any issues for you, but as it is still a beta service and a new app being let out into the wilds, there are bound to be issues.

If you do get issues, please make a detailed report, such as what you were doing when it crashed. This includes (if any of the following apply even slightly):
-App you were searching or trying to download
-What you were doing and exactly what was going on when it happened
-Category you were browsing
-App you were trying to install

A slight issue that can't be fixed is maybe one out of every 50 launches of the app, some people may get an issue where the app doesn't load up. If it just stays at the loading screen, just let it be until it crashes and then open it up again, and all should be fine.   This is due to some startup code that freezes sometimes and is not able to be tracked down.  Don't worry though, most of you won't get this every 50 launches, or at all :)  Just something that may still be an issue.

Probably a good thing to throw into this post is a bit of usage of iTools or similar to get the files from /var/mobile/Downloads for use later, or to put files in there for install :)

1. First off, download a file system browser for your device, probably iTools or similar.
2. Next, open it up and plug in your device.
3. Click on File System on the left hand side.
4. In the new section you see, select File System(jailbroken).
5. Navigate to /var/mobile/Downloads by double clicking on the folders until you are there.

Once in this folder, you can either copy files from there to a folder on your computer by opening up the windows explorer (my computer, my documents, etc.), until you are where you want to copy them to, and then drag and drop them over (you can hold down shift+click to select multiple files at once, or ctrl+click or cmd+click for mac).

To copy files to the device, simply select the files in windows explorer and then right click and select Copy and then click in the iTools folder and right click and select Paste.
Note that the App Time Machine only uses files with the .deb or .ipa extension

There you have it, the files are either copied out, or copied into the folder :)

Edit by iTechy21 to update to include 7.1 update news