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Alright, I took the time to find all the iOS 3 app packs here. Here's the urls from the topics on the Whited00r forum that I got them from:

100 Free Apps Pack Compatible with iOS 3.1.3 & Newer

whited00r 6 iOS 3.1.3. WORKING 39 APPS Pack

[Tutorial] Torrent download 500+ iOS 3.1.3 Free Apps & Games

[Last Edit: December 19, 2012] Recommended iPhone Softwares,Debs & Free Apps

And I've uploaded the individual ipa files.

PierreP moderator note: I regrouped all the apps that Whited00r 6 firmware users can already find in App Time Machine and install directly from their devices.

Available in App Time Machine (ATM):

Facebook 4.0
Twitter 3.3.5
Bump 2.2.1
Skype 1.2.2 - Newer Skype 3.0 in ATM
Viber - Newer Viber 2.2.0 in ATM
Angry Birds v1.6.3
AniWeather v1.3
BeejiveIM v4.2.0.9
Broken link - Boost 3D v1.01 - Boost 1.0 in ATM
Box v2.4.4
Camcorder v1.2
Cut the Rope v1.7.1
Download Manager v2.2
Dragon Dictation v2.0.2
Dropbox v1.4.6
Ebay 1.7.2
EDGE v1.83
Evernote 3.3.8
Find My iPhone v1.2
Flight Control v1.9.2
FTP on-the-go v2.2.4 - ATM has also the FTP On The Go v3.0
Glow Hockey 2.2.4
Google Search v0.9.0
Google Translate v1.3.1.2978
Google Earth v3.2.0 - v6.2.0 in ATM
GPush 2.0
IM+ Pro v5.2
Mobile RSS v3.4
MX Mayhem v1.4
Opera Mini Browser v7.0.3.40701
Broken link - Plants vs. Zombies v1.8.1 - v4.086 in ATM
Broken link - QuickOffice Pro v3.3
Real Pool 3D v1.0
Shazam v4.8
Skype v3.0.0.189
Sonic the Hedgehog v1.0 - in ATM as well as Sonic the  Hedgehog 2 v1.2.15
SoundHound v4.0.1 v2.1.3
Sudoku v1.0.61 - v1.9 in ATM
System Status v3.0
TeamViewer v7.0.9348
Temple Run v1.5
Wallpapers HD v2.4
Wikipanion v1.7.5.4
Wolfram Alpha v1.3.0.2381523
Yahoo! Messenger v2.0.1

Not in ATM yet

AFQRcode v1.0
Asphalt 4 Elite Racing v1.3.8
Asphalt 5 v1.2.6
Angry Birds Seasons v2.1.0
Arkanoid v1.2.1
Assassin's Creed v1.3.3
Command & Conquer: Red Alert v1.7.0
Dictionary v5.0.1
Doodle Jump v3.4
Earth Worm Jim v1.0.8
Fruit Ninja 1.7.1
Jetpack Joyride v1.3.5
M.D. v1.0
Madcoaster v1.6
Ninja Tower Defence v1.5
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 v1.3.0
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack v1.10
The Sims 3 v1.0.85

More coming soon, submissions are welcome. If you try to download an ipa and it's been taken down, let me know!

PierreP moderator note 2013-07-21: contrary to what the OP posted below, you cannot install Whited00r via a combination of Repos because Whited00r is a customized & optimized full iOS firmware replacement and while you can attempt getting some of it features with those steps you will miss some other features & speed and probably will have some issues too. Easier & faster, just visit and get the proper WD firmware for your device.

I locked this topic because it's a dead-end.


Original post:

How to install Whited00r via Cydia + some manual labor

Add the repod00r repo, Applepie, my own, and Farisoni's repo in Cydia.

Now queue the following packages from repod00r:

iOS 3 Folders
iOS 3 Multitasking
iOS 3 Wallpaper
Repring Center

Queue these from Applepie:

Mobile Substrate

Get these from mine:

MobileTerminal (just in case bacause I've had some strange permission issues lately that can only be fixed my command line)

And queue these pacakges from Farisoni's repo:

Sara for 2G/3G/3Gs/4 **iPhone only**
Video Recorder 3g **iPhone 3G and up only**
WD Music
iOS 6 Preferences

Now install them all, and respring. You can add an iOS 6 wallpaper just like you would do in iOS 6, just pick and image, use it as a wallpaper, and use as both. You may also want to rearrange all your icons accordingly.

Also go into Activator, go to At Home Screen >> Double Press >> Do Nothing. Do the same for In Application. That will enable Multitasking.

Adding effects:

To get the cool transparency effects for folders and multitasking, do the following:

Install iFile if you haven't already. If for some reason it got updated and doens't support iOS 3 anymore, get it from my repo. If it says "Whited00r - XXXXXX" it's just saying it's iOS 3/Whited00r compatible.

Now respring if you have to, then open iFile, go to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences, and edit com.darlo770.folders.plist, and edit the lines:




Now edit the lines in com.darlo770.multitasking.plist:




Then respring.

You should now have all the cool effects. ::)

The one single thing that I have not gotten working is App Time Machine. If you want it implemented, ask the devs, and if you get a deb, email me. :D

Have fun with this quick version of Whited00r. iOS 6 icons coming soon, if you want to help, give me the following:

/var/stash/Applications/, icon.png, [email protected]
/var/stash/Applications/, icon.png, [email protected]
/var/stash/Applications/, icon.png, [email protected]
/var/stash/Applications/, icon.png, [email protected]
/var/stash/Applications/, icon.png, [email protected]
/var/stash/Applications/, icon.png, [email protected]


(Since I'm having trouble with my ISP, I will be off indefinately, I don't want to push my data bill too far especially with that DVD image I downloaded...)

There's some great apps on Cydia that I want to download and post in my own repo (kind of like a top 50 thing). Is there a website that can download the deb package or a way I can do it myself on my iPhone or in Linux?

I'm having some just plain strange issues with some apps lately. Mainly with Settings, Winterboard (which I got rid of indefinately because of this issue), Icy (Fast Cydia replacement which I also got rid of indefinately), MobileFinder and Cydia.

Here's all the issues
  • Settings - PreferenceLoader always wants to update, then I have to reinstall it from a local deb.
  • Winterboard - Breaks Settings no matter how many times I respring and install PreferenceLoader.
  • Icy - will not see ANY pacakges. I think that's just a bug, but it could be related.
  • MobileFinder (From Saurik) - Crashes upon opening. Always. My guess is that's not supposed to happen.
  • Cydia - wants me to update every damn package, and when I comply, nothing changes. Until then, I have a three digit badge on it.  :-\

Everything else seems to work OK, had some issues with Safari Downloader, but it was a 4 GB+ Fedora DVD image, so I'll let it off.  ::)

Anyone else had any of these odd issues??

PierreP Moderator note: Edited thread title to add relevant keywords as described in Whited00r 6: Tips to Quickly Solve your Problems/Bugs & Get Answers FAST!

I'm having some real issues here. Didn't know if I should put them here or in a bug forum. I chose here because it's more of a defect. :(

First, and most annoyingly, multitasking WILL NOT WORK IN AN APP. I got it once, after installing SBSettings, but every time I do now, it acts like multitasking doesn't even exist. Just goes home then search. Very frustrating.

Next, there is either an issue with the way it got installed or user error, but, please, correct me if I'm wrong, but when you open a folder, are the other things on the home screen supposed to turn semi-transparent?

And last but not least, a slight glitch with the graphics. On the search screen, I get black corners on a iOS 6 wallpaper. Methinks a bug. And my top bar tends to like to turn transparent when it's not supposed to and show the wallpaper behind it, for example, in the weather app. Annoying.

If anyone could help, it would be appreciated.

PierreP moderator note: I am locking this thread because it is going in circle. The App Time Machine app store access is an exclusive feature of the Whited00r firmware and contrary to what the OP posted below, you cannot install Whited00r via a Repo as it is a custom & optimized full iOS firmware replacement:


Original post:

I don't really have access to a PC right now and installed most of Whited00r via the repod00r repo. I have evarything except app time machine. Can I install it via Cydia? Can  I even get it at all?

I I can't, can I make a suggestion? That ATM be available in the repod00r repo?

Hello, all. I saw how to install whited00r, and my experience so far is pure madness. Mainly with iReb. It needs .net framework. I install it and restart. iReb still doesn't like it, and will not start, as you can see in the attachment. I've restored my iPod Touch 1G several times now, 5 times, I think. Any help at this point is very much appreciated!

Is there a way you can just get App Time Machine?

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