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I uncompressed the redd00r.deb and see that daemontool and its config file was installed by the redd00r package :
The problem is in /etc/daemontool/daemon.list (the last line disables

I got it : Sorry for so much noise on the forum, but I think this is a bug or it should be warned somewhere that untrusted certificate doesn't work with Redd00r. Keep up the good work anyway!

Hi, I think I made some progress : by reactivating daemons with daemontool -r, I got the SSL popup with redd00r package installed. Now, I wonder which daemon I should activate in /etc/daemontool/daemon.list... I will try one by one if nobody has an idea...

I think I know why my emails are working again, I accepted the certificate while Redd00r package was not installed and iPhone remember it. When the certificate has expired, I never saw the ssl popup to accept it. It seems to be a nasty bug in red00r package which prevents the ssl popup to appear in every application...

I can test on servers when I have access to apache logs, and I see nothing in logs (nor in access log, nor in error log), as if the iphone stops communicating when it receives (invalid) certificate.

In my last test, I disabled nothing (except transparency effects as recommended).

Yes, I'm sure removing it fixes the problem : I spent the evening reinstalling everything from scratch :
- base firmware (4.1) : web and email are working fine with expired certificates (with popup)
- install redd00r : neither of them are working (no popup, they fail silently)
- remove redd00r : everything works as before
- reinstall redd00r : web doesn't work (email seems to be working now??)
- remove redd00r : safari works with expired certificate
Here is a test site with expired certificate :
Same problem in safe mode. I tried every setting possible (in safari, in ch40s utils, in redd00r, ...)
I first noticed it when I didn't receive emails while our corporate certificate has expired end of august.. Since I reinstalled everything, it seems that emails are working again with expired certificate, but not safari, very strange...

On Redd00r Base Firmware for iPhone 3G (prejailbroken 4.1 ipsw for iphone 3g).

I use Redd00r for some time now and find it very quick, thanks to the developer.
But I have a very annoying problem with it : I can't access anymore to ssl website with invalid/expired certificate. Safari displays a blank page without a popup to accept certificate and email app won't connect to servers with broken certificate.
When I remove Redd00r package, everything starts working as expected.
As somebody the same problem or an idea to resolve it?
Thanks and keep the good work!

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