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is there gonna be a 4.2.1 base firmware? and is this faster than the 4.2.1 firmware?



 if you did all that correct try running iReb as administrator. :p

iReb is always opened as an administrator.

I tried like hundred times. i turned my phone into dfu mode. i run ireb5. ireb said me that my phone is in pwned dfu mode. but i'm no luck with installing redd00r base firmware. i deleted apple host from host file. is there something am i missing? my itunes version is which version do you use?

there's always 1600 error

Maybe youre doing it wrong.

Bug Reports - Archive / Whitedoor 5.2 on iphone 3g bugs
« on: July 07, 2012, 12:10:49 PM »
1.thats normal
2. Yell it at Apple.

home button is now working. Redd00r is fine :D


Ya talking to meh? My screen is now fixed, but the home button is not working properly. I'll send it back to be fixed someday.

Can the GC toggles be ported?

I'm finally back! My home button wasn't working, but works in some other times.

P.S I will not install redd00r :P

This is weird because I reset all settings on my iPhone then it thinks that my iPhone has been restored. I restores it from backup via iTunes and I encountered this problem and then I removed mobile substrate and reinstalled it. Seems that it got fixed.

No!!! Otherwise buy an iPod touch 4G or newer!

hey applepie! Are you working on the new version? More speed I'd guess.

Tech Talks / Re: Swapmode for the iPhone
« on: July 01, 2012, 09:50:16 AM »
wtf almost every post in this thread says

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