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On my iphone 3g running on whited00r71 my APN is listed as Carrier 5.1
I looked on my phone service providers website and it says to make sure you have the the latest carrier file by going to Settings>General>About.If a new carrier file is available, you will get a pop-up box asking to you install it.It says on their site that the current carrier file is EE 16.0 (that's for 4GEE, T-Mobile & Orange).
There is no box showing up,probably as i'm using whited00r?
How do i go about getting the latest carrier file for my phone as currently i am not able to view any internet and set up my email account.
I constantly get the error message-'Could not activate cellular network data'
Hope someone can help with this please.

Is there a way to transfer the contacts on my iphone 3g to my new sim card?

over the last few days my i phone 3g with whited00r7 keeps going into safe mode(i think its safe mode),bottom of screen asks to slide to unlock but when i try swiping across i get no response from the phone.
What i had to do was go into i tunes and restore from an older back up and then the phone goes back to normal and responds as it should do.
Today i added some more music via i-tunes,after adding some songs that are now still on the phone,when i start i-tunes,it goes through the sync process then when it goes to accessing i-tunes store it freezes,any ideas how i can solve this please?
I think the problem accessing the i tunes store might have been caused after i added some tracks off Public Image-First edition album possibly,it wasn't freezing until i added some tracks from that album.
Also,why does my phone go into safe mode in the first place and then become unresponsive?It also says at the top of the screen 'in safe mode' and as i said at the start the 'swipe to unlock' does not respond,worried it will go into safe mode but won't be able to restore from i-tunes backup as i-tunes freezes after performing sync after opening.
Any help always much appreciated.

i have an old i phone 3g,i got it with whited00r already installed.
I would prefer to go back and have ios 3.1.3,i tried to do this via i-tunes but nothing happens.
Can someone explain as simply as possible how to do this please?
Whited00r seems to be draining my battery and eating my phone credit fast,any help would be much appreciated.

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