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thanks for that, imanaged to sort importing contacts using itools a while ago,should have posted it,apologies for not doing.All is good now.

cheers,had enough of having no phone for hours so went into PWNED DFU mode,restored it as new phone in itunes,phone running ok at the moment,not had any problems,will look at the cydia folder later,had enough of the thing for today.
thanks for the help and info about cydia,if problem comes back then will notify the forum and see if i need to do anything else.

one thing,tried the ipusher button to test if push notifications work and its been saying 'please wait' for the last hour.
Does that mean they probably don't work?If so what can be done to get them to work?if they are not working that is.

thanks for the reply,first do i just copy the .deb file using itools into the cydia folder?there are 2 files in there,apt-7-lib_0.7.25.3-13_iphoeos-arm.deb and the other is cydia-lproj_1.1.12_iphoneos-arm.deb,do i just copy the .deb file into that folder with itools or do i need to delete one of those files first?
you also mention  install preference loader from bigboss repo ,where do i get that from or is it automatically installed?
Hope you have the patience to help me out with this please.

Managed to get whited00r7 installed ok,then updated my cellular network data so my phone could then load web data after following some basic guides,it was only those updated cydia files that have caused the problem.2 of them said were essential .

so do i follow the guide in the first post?Will a restore as new keep whited00r on my phone or will it reset it to apple ios?
Like i said i am totally new to smart phones so a simple guide to restore to new would be helpfull.

Don't know if the cydia updates that i downloaded the other day have caused this but,when i get a missed call on my iphone 3g it goes into black screen ,i get one quick missed call message on screen,it says underneath to swipe but when i do it goes black and does not respond.
Then i have to plug phone into my pc then restore from an older back up via itunes to get it back up and running,i'm pretty new to using smart phones so not great on the teccy side so any help needs to be explained as simply as possible please.

went through the steps described at geeksquad website again and got web data at last.
Cydia is showing  9 updates,2 that are essential its says,going to try and download the 2 essential updates.

says ultrasn0w installed,when i tap on it i get error message-'Unable to Load(no internet connection).

Its just saying EE 3g on my phone.
I looked at a few sites with the same info about what to input into the APN settings,all can be done up until it says,tap the arrow in left corner 3 times,i tried doing that but it just takes me back to the 'settings' page so no go there.
Noticed i have 9 notifications in Cydia,2 it says are essential,got no way of downloading them at the moment though,i might just have to see if i can get another 2nd hand phone that is unlocked and then use itunes to get the up to date APN ,thats what i got told on the EE forum,to use itunes to update it to get the latest APN settings.

Modern firmware is listed as - 05.12.01

thanks,will do at some point soon.

new sim for EE,phone is not locked to EE,i had to set up as new phone in itunes after an unsuccessfull attempt to resort back to apples ios,phone did not work when i did that so came back to whited00r7.1

On my iphone 3g running on whited00r71 my APN is listed as Carrier 5.1
I looked on my phone service providers website and it says to make sure you have the the latest carrier file by going to Settings>General>About.If a new carrier file is available, you will get a pop-up box asking to you install it.It says on their site that the current carrier file is EE 16.0 (that's for 4GEE, T-Mobile & Orange).
There is no box showing up,probably as i'm using whited00r?
How do i go about getting the latest carrier file for my phone as currently i am not able to view any internet and set up my email account.
I constantly get the error message-'Could not activate cellular network data'
Hope someone can help with this please.

Is there a way to transfer the contacts on my iphone 3g to my new sim card?

one question-what is pushfixer for?says on my phone-code:not set.status:not fixed.
Can someone tell me what this is for please?

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